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Natural Disaster Management

The prevalence of natural disasters has increased by 22% over the past three decades. The cost of these disasters extends not only to loss of life but significant financial, economic and social costs that persist long after the disaster has been contained. NSA has been working in partnership with governments and emergency management agencies around the globe for over a decade in supporting, enhancing and developing preparedness for and response to natural disasters.

Our proven ability to integrate “best of breed” technology to provide real time situational awareness and unparalleled communication in the most critical times during natural disasters has resulted in NSA becoming the chosen partner of many national governments. We understand the importance of maximising your available technology in developing all phases of your disaster strategy including preparedness, response, prevention and rehabilitation.

We have deployed not only our technology but our people to the field in support of our clients during natural disasters. Our people represent some of the finest minds in emergency management and have proven to be “force multipliers” during complex, critical operations. Our range of products and services include:

  • 4G Remote Antenna
  • Mobile Command Centres and Crisis Coordination Centres
  • 4×4 Vehicles
  • Warning Systems
  • Response Tool Kits
  • Search and Rescue
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Training and Managed Services
  • Coordinating Response Plans
  • Helping organisations identify hazards
  • Sensor Capability