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Remote Communications Antenna

NSA’s Long Range 4G Antenna is purpose built for off-grid remote communications. It is an IP67 rated antenna array in a hermetically sealed casing, capable of extending existing 4G cell phone tower coverage by up to 150km. Designed to be mounted on mobile platforms including vehicles and marine craft, the NSA Long Range 4G Antenna provides an ideal alternative to high costs associated with the use of satellite telephones and uplink terminals.

It is easily installed and provides instant and reliable communications for remotely based land and off shore workers, including healthcare nurses, Emergency Service teams and marine operators.

  • Extend 4G access in remote areas by up to 150km
  • Communicate with key staff in isolated environments
  • Fast access to internet and head office computer networks
  • Send picture and live video images to coworkers
  • Connect any field enabled Wi-Fi device
  • Send and receive emails
  • Superior data speed alternative to satellite – up to 40mbps
  • Low cost