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Intelligent Transport Systems

Traffic Safety Camera Systems

For the past decade, NSA has been working with government and private organisations to research, design and install road camera systems which include the following functions:

  • Speed detection including integrated radar
  • Red light infringement detection
  • Dual red light/speed violation operations
  • Vehicle lane detection
  • Vehicle over height detection
  • Vehicle over weight detection
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Radar Based Speed Detection

Each fixed camera can be equipped with Radar Based Speed Detection, accurately detecting the speed of moving vehicles on up to four lanes. The fixed cameras capture both still and moving hi-resolution images of each violation, delivering a solid evidential base. Our 20-megapixel cameras are fitted with a CMPS sensor combining speed with sensitivity, ensuring strong performance even in low light conditions.

The Radar Based Speed Detection provides a more effective and reliable solution than mobile handheld radar systems. This method of speed detection is based on a sporadic process as officers have to actively locate an appropriate position at the roadside and spend a significant time measuring the speed of a proportionally small amount of vehicles.

Camera Systems Link to NSAeIntel

NSAeIntel is a NSA developed, web interface providing organisations with an all-encompassing back-end solution to access information, manage resources and create invaluable reports improving decision making. It offers users a graphical interpretation of the condition of fleet vehicles on multiple levels including location, technical status and performance. For more information on NSAeIntel, click here.

Automated Infringement Management Systems (AIMS)

The NSA Automated Infringement Management System (AIMS) is a web-based back-office contravention processing system. Once a violation is detected and captured by a fixed camera, AIMS transfers the violation evidence file, which includes photo and video, across to the network and saves it to the system’s storage server. The details of the violation are then imported into the AIMS database. Following manual processing, an offence is valid and confirmed, a contravention is created and forwarded to the relevant system to issue a fine.

AIMS allows users to review the images captured for improved offence detection, for example by zooming in and out or adjusting the brightness. All data, i.e. both images and video, can be reviewed to confirm the offence, so the violation can be processed. Operators can also create reports, view a live stream of each active fixed camera and have access to the system’s archives to thoroughly inspect each potential offence. AIMS also offers an Evidence and Viewer Portal where offenders can view their violation details the associated evidence files.

AIMS back office systems can be configured to integrate with customer back end databases such as infringement issuing systems to ensure an efficient and timely processing. Incorporating dynamic IT system health checks, AIMS also provides a base for staff performance monitoring and review.

With the help of AIMS, our clients can operate their newly implemented fixed camera image processing system more efficiently whilst offering road users a fair and transparent procedure.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Equipping patrol vehicles with ANPR allows cameras to automatically scan the plates of all vehicles in the line of vision, enabling rapid detection of a vehicle associated with traffic offences or wanted suspects on predetermined ‘Hotlists.’ A visual and audio signal alerts officers whilst the details of the offence are displayed on the touch screen. Previously, officers had to manually check each individual number plate if an offence was suspected, which was labour intensive.

With its numerous practical features, ANPR not only increases the number of vehicles that can be scanned concurrently but also ensures an accelerate but also ensures a higher success rate and provides a solid base of evidential material.

Data Analysis

Using a combination of data captured from fixed cameras, CCTV and ANPR, NSAeIntel provides our customers with the capability to analyse traffic and other data allowing emergency services and other Government Agencies to allocate resources to address issues such as road accident hotspots.

Data analysis of this information has been identified as a key requirement for investigative capability for security services and police.  Real time analysis of ANPR information has been critical to the success of identifying timely evidence to locate offenders where no other information was available.

Working in partnership with our customers in Australia and the Middle East, we have developed and successfully implemented innovative Road Safety and Transport Information systems that NSA can integrate into eIntel and other products.  Please contact us for further information.